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Of course, betta fish play with common toys such as ping pong balls, floating log, and laser pointers. In fact, play toys are the best way to connect to your Betta. Moreover, Bettas requires a large amount of mental stimulation, thus, they would appreciate any extra attention given to them. Although, as a resourceful fish, your Betta can normally find ways to play on their own.

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**DISCLAIMER** This is an OLD video, I do not remember what supplies were in this tank, nor any smaller details about this setup or betta. I've owned 7 Betta...

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Also, when a betta is pushing a ping pong ball it is likely that it is trying to remove it from its territory, I don’t think fish really ‘play’ with one. Bettas are extremely interested in their environment however, so lots of plants and decorations for it to explore will keep yours occupied.

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Put a (clean) ping pong ball into the tank, letting it float on the surface of the water. The betta will then follow the ball around as it moves on the water, and he might even start hitting it with his nose to make it move himself.

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I had two ping pong balls in both of my tanks but my betta boys are pretty lazy and didn't want to play with it lol. They do really like the floating log though a lot more! But yeah, I've seen plenty of bettas enjoy ping pong balls since they'll move them around the tank. It's good for stimulation.

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If you place the ping pong ball the betta fish will normally push it along the surface of the water. Betta fish likes this since it is by nature a predator and likes to stay near the surface of the water. In the wild, the betta fish waits patiently for insects and tiny animals to land on the surface and eat it.

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8. Ping Pong Balls. Ping pong balls are a decent alternative to professionally made betta toys. Betta fish will love bumping into the ball, pushing it around, and even trying to make it pop out of the water. Ping Pong balls are actually a great toy that will provide your fish with endless hours of fun.

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2) Play with a ping pong ball: Did you know bettas play soccer?! Place a ping pong ball in your betta tank. You will see the betta pushing the ball with it’s mouth - it looks like the betta is playing soccer :-) But make sure that the ball is aquarium safe. Clean it well before placing it in the tank. Fish stores often sell these toys.