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The point-zone defense has the advantages of getting pressure on the ball while still protecting the paint, and it is confusing for the opponent. It looks like a 2-3 zone defense initially, and at other times has the appearance of a 1-3-1 zone. The point-zone defense can be used against both one-guard and two-guard zone offenses.

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From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook, @ http://www.coachesclipboard.net. The "point-zone defense" is a zone defense devised by coaching legend Dean Smith at the University of North Carolina. It has been used down the years by succeeding coaches in that program. Coach Smith always maintained that it not only is an effective zone defense, but is also very easy to teach, requiring little practice time for your players to learn it.

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The Point Zone Defense is perfect for any team because: 1) It is easy to install 2) It allows for ball pressure at all times 3) It provides box out responsibilities for each player 4) It prevents easy baskets from baseline OB 5) It breaks up a team’s offensive rhythm On the following pages we will take you through pass by pass how to utilize

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POINT ZONE Initial set is a 2-3 Zonc: RIJLFS: 2 3 are buddies or tandem I 4 arc buddies Or tandem When 2 the zone, 3 is always under the W}xn 1 points the zone, 4 is always under the basket Thc is also F„xnmplcs: The S is always between the ball and thc basket abnc dotted line around the

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A point zone in basketball is a combo defense system that is similar to a zone setup. Each defensive player has a specific job once the ball goes to a different area of the floor. When used correctly, the point zone is very difficult to score against. The point zone was developed and popularized by the legendary Coach Dean Smith at the University of North Carolina. It has been re-developed and reused throughout the years, but many of the core principles remain the same.

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The point zone is effective in taking an offense out of its rhythm, but with long shots come long rebounds. Also, it should be noted that help-side rebounding is hurt by the point zone because the defense will be on one side of the floor and 70 percent of all misses will be rebounded on the other side of the floor. Initial Alignments of the Point Zone Defense. There are three ways that the point zone can be aligned initially.

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Emporia State’s Point Zone By Matt Corkery Women’s Associate Head Basketball Coach, Emporia State University The Point Zone is an effective half-court defense that is relatively simple to teach while offering the benefits of more complicated match-up zone defenses. I think it is important to mention right off the bat

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The point-zone defense is a simple way to match up against an opponent while using zone responsibilities, which many times confuse the opponent. The defense offers the same advantages as a match-up zone, but it takes less time to teach. It’s also easier to learn.