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Tennis racquet beam width

How to choose the beam width of a tennis racquet March 1, 2014 A standard size for a tennis beam width is approximately 22 mm. The thinner the frame, the less power it gives and the more control it has. Conversely, the thicker a racquet has a profile, the easier it will give power.

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The heavier racket obviously has more kinetic energy from its mass, which o.k. some strokes overcomes the energy return from a stiffer racket. The thiner beam for me is also quicker through the air for big strokes in spite of the extra weight as i feel the drag on the wide beam.

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Unfortunately many thin-beam racquets available today (with the exception to the Prince Graphite) have small head sizes that only benefit intermediate to advanced tennis players. Unfortunately the 'technology' of largehead thin-beam racquets are still too advanced for the racquet manufacturers.

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As you’d expect, a wider beam racket in general means more power but less manoeuvrability and vice versa with a narrow beam racket. Therefore you’ll tend to find advanced or stronger players will look for a narrow beam racket and beginners will opt for something with a wider beam to give them more help when trying to generate power.

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Thinner Beam = More Control. While power rackets have a beam-width of 25 – 28 mm, a beam-width of 18 – 21 refers to the control rackets. Stringing Pattern. The stringing pattern represents the density of main strings and cross strings. While main strings run vertically from top to bottom of the racket head, cross strings run sideways.