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Rules of Volleyball - USA Volleyball

In international rules, substitutions are limited to 6 per set for each team. Substitutes can replace players of the starting lineup only once per set. Currently in domestic rules, up to 12 substitutions are permitted per set for each team, and there is no limit on the replacement of players from the starting lineup.

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rules. v. The numbers must be minimum height of 4” on the chest and 6” on the back. It is recommended that numbers be 6” on chest and 8” on the back. The stripe forming the numbers shall have a minimum width of ¾”. vi. The jerseys must be numbered in a permanent manner from 1 and 99 and duplicate numbers are not allowed. vii.


OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2017-2020 7 GAME CHARACTERISTICS Volleyball is a sport played by two teams on a playing court divided by a net. There are different versions available for specific circumstances in order to offer the versatility of the game to everyone. The object of the game is to send the ball over the net in order to

Basic Volleyball Rules and Terms - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Here are the fundamental, must-know rules of a volleyball game: Only 6 players on the floor at any given time: 3 in the front row and 3 in the back row. Points are made on every serve for the winning team of the rally (rally-point scoring).

Basic Volleyball Rules All Rules Fans, Players, and Coaches

Basic Volleyball Rules for Playing the Game. 6 players on a team, 3 on the front row and 3 on the back row; Maximum of three hits per side; Player may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit) Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve; A ball hitting a boundary line is "in" A ball is "out" if it hits...

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MIXED VOLLEYBALL COMPETITION RULES AND INFORMATION In this competition, the emphasis is on enjoyment, social atmosphere and skill development/maintenance. All games shall be played as per the Official Volleyball Rules of FIVB, except to the extent that they are negated or modified by these rules. All rules are open to the interpretation of the referee/supervisor and their decision is final. 1.

Basic Volleyball Rules and Officiating

Rules in volleyball limit player playing actions such as, 3 hits to a side, only the front row players can attack the ball when the ball is entirely above the top of the net, the player positioned in right back must execute the serve, etc. A player on a volleyball team can be designated as libero.

Volleyball Rules + Regulations (EASY TO UNDERSTAND)

In general, teams must have at least 6 players to start the match, and at least 6 eligible players (substitution players, or “subs”) to play the match. There are 6 players on court for each team during the match. In FIVB rules, a team may have up to 14 players in total.